AM legal Services is a member of the New Leaf Will Writers Federation and adhere to a code of conduct details of which are in our Professional conduct Brochure below


Every AM Legal Services Will Writer has to undertake an intensive, week long technical training course.

Every AM Legal Services Will Writer has to undergo "update" training as and when required, plus an annual knowledge review.

Every AM Legal Services Will Writer must undertake a minimum of 35 hours each year of CPD (Continuous Professional Development)

Every Will is double checked by a trained professional for errors and technical content.

No legal talk! We use plain simple language and a friendly approach.

With us, it's always family first. Why would you want to protect other assets before protecting your family

Competitive Prices. AM Legal Services Will Writers know that good value results in referrals and this is reflected in the price.

Convenience. We can come to you. All your estate planning needs without leaving the comfort of your armchair. We also have clients visiting our offices in Sittingbourne.